Best Racing Systems provides a large range of services. From finish line timing and scoring, to overall race management, from basic timing to advanced chip timing, from basic scoring to unique custom scoring.

If you are thinking of putting of putting on a race for the first time, and want someone to guide you through to make your race look professional from the beginning let us know. Please keep in mind we get booked up early so the sooner you contact us the more likely we will be available to help you.

In addition to our main business, we provide a wide range of other services such as race planning, course design, application design, building your race web site, marketing, registration, and even creation of flash commercials to embed in your web site. If you need someone to handle it all, to be your race director for example, we can do that too, just let us know.

Some of what we provide.

Finish time, pace per mile, overall and age group place are quickly available for each runner after they cross the finish line.

Also, BEST's Awards Report makes it extremely easy for the Race Directors to hand out awards quickly and accurately (no more spending what seems like hours trying to figure out who gets what).

Race results can be provided to local newspapers via the web or email.

Results are posted on the web race day.

We can provide bull horns, stop watches, finish line banner and start line banner at no extra cost.

For over 12 years, BEST has done every type of road race from 1 Mile Fun Runs and 5Ks to Marathons, Biathlons, and Triathlons, and has a large variety of services to choose from to best suit your race needs. 

For more information about BEST Racing Systems, please send an email to


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